Fleet and Mobility Advice

Advice forms part of our standard service. In some cases, you will need additional advice and support. Our senior Fleet and Mobility consultants are here for you, to provide you with appropriate advice. They have at least 15 years relevant experience and they have dealt with many matters before in actual practice. This guarantees that you will receive professional and reliable advice.

Preparing or changing the car or mobility policy

Do you have questions such as:

  • “How can I limit the travel time of our employees?”
  • “What is the cheapest solution for my fleet & mobility?”
  • “What effect does The New Way of Working have on mobility?”
  • “How can we improve the way in which we facilitate employees without raising costs?”
  • “How do public transport, a personal car and lease car fit together?”

All of these questions are answered when preparing your mobility policy. With its many years of experience, ROI fleet & mobility can develop a bespoke car policy or mobility policy for your organisation.

Does your organisation already have a fleet or a mobility policy? ROI fleet & mobility would be pleased to support you with changing and optimising these policies. You will not be the first organisation that, after ROI fleet & mobility has changed your policy, achieves savings of up to 15%.


Many organisations have worked with the same leasing company for many years. We often see that the lease rates charged by these companies exceed the market average. Therefore, here is an opportunity to save money! That doesn't mean that you have to immediately transfer to an alternative leasing company; most of the times we are able to get competitive prices if we enter into negotiations with your current partner.

ROI fleet & mobility helps you to prepare a purchasing strategy and to execute a tender if needed, which enables you to determine which leasing companies are most suited to your organisation. A strategy of this type is not only relevant for companies that plan to enter into a lease contract for the first time, but also if you require an additional supplier or are planning to change your current supplier.

As well as selecting the best leasing companies for you, we will also provide you with advice about other mobility options. That is because a lease car is not always the most effective and least expensive option for all of your employees. Consider, for example, public transport, electric bikes or the use of a lease car in combination with a personal car. ROI fleet & mobility will provide a suitable solution which will save costs.

Price guarantee

The cost of leasecars and other mobility are major expenses within an organisation. You also put a lot of time and energy into negotiating a competitive lease rate and good terms and conditions during your search for a suitable leasing company to work with.

By requesting several quotations, you have comparative data, enabling you to guarantee the lowest price. The lease prices during the quotation phase are often much lower than average, therefore you think that you have undoubtedly done well. Unfortunately, in our experience after a quotation phase of this kind, the lease prices gradually creep up which is something you'd prefer to avoid of course!

ROI fleet & mobility has developed a unique tool that offers you 100% price certainty. With our tool - the Autolease Calculator ROI (ACR) - we carry out a continuous comparison for every lease car that is used. This means that the lease prices can remain consistently low. Even if there are changes in the term and kilometres driven, you are guaranteed to pay the same competitive price given in the quotation during the quotation phase.

View our whitepaper here about a price guarantee of your lease prices.
A total solution for your fleet management and business mobility
Experienced team with knowledge, expertise and solutions
Economise on and prevent unnecessary mobility costs
Improved analysis, benchmarking, advice and decision-making

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