Fleet Management

In terms of your fleet management, ROI fleet & mobility provides you with a total solution. We have more than 20 years’ experience and currently manages around 10,000 lease cars on behalf of organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. On a regular basis, we support organisations with medium-sized to large fleets, including ABN AMRO, KLM/Air France and NetApp. Various non-profit organisations have also contracted out their fleet management to us, including the Delfland Polder Authority (Hoogheemraadschap Delfland).

Multi-vendor fleet management

As an organisation wants to be assured, of course, of the most competitive rate when buying a lease car, it tends to request several quotations for each new car it purchases. The goal? To guarantee the lowest possible price. The cooperation with several leasing companies is also known as integrated or multi-vendor fleet management .

On the one hand, this helps you to save money, on the other hand this results in additional work in terms of administration and management and it is sometimes difficult to maintain an overview.

This is also why so many organisations with more than one leasing company contract out the fleet management to us. We then take over your entire fleet management and take responsibility for your company car policy. Your employees can choose a car using our car configurator. After they have chosen their new leasecar we will request quotations from your contracted leasing companies, compare these and ultimately order the car from the cheapest company. We also perform all the checks on your behalf and supply the correct files to the financial administration and/or payroll department for the deductions from staff salaries. We also provide quarterly reports, to ensure that you remain closely involved and maintain a full overview.

We will, of course, regularly provide you with advice about decisions to be taken and suggest changes in your policy. That will result in a company car policy that is always up-to-date, plus you will avoid unnecessary costs and gain an insight into cost performance.

Single-vendor fleet management

When you work with just one leasing company, this is also known as single-vendor fleet management, of course you then also want to benefit from the most competitive rates. But how do you do this, when you can not compare these quotes with other leasing companies? ROI has developed a unique tool (the Autolease Calculator ROI) (ACR) which can check all lease prices based on the lease rate given during the quotation or tender phase.

We will define the base price level, preferably during a formal tender procedure. The price that is quoted will remain as is, because ROI can continually perform a 100% cover comparison for every lease car in the future. The overall utilisation of all cars (term x lease rate) of the quotation is compared to the overall utilisation of all calculations in the ACR. This is then expressed as a percentage of the price level calculated in the ACR. This percentage is logged as the BaseLine: the relative price from the quotation in respect of the ACR.

We can also perform other checks for you, for example, invoicing, recalculations and matrix quotations.

International fleet management

For some clients, ROI fleet & mobility also manages their lease cars abroad. We currently manage more than 1,000 lease cars in eighteen different countries, which is done from our office in Naarden, using smart ICT solutions, teleconferencing and video-conferencing.
A total solution for your fleet management and business mobility
Experienced team with knowledge, expertise and solutions
Economise on and prevent unnecessary mobility costs
Improved analysis, benchmarking, advice and decision-making

Are you looking for a reliable partner who can offer you a total fleet management solution?

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