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About ROI fleet & mobility

Your fleet & mobility, that is our core business. Since 1994, ROI fleet & mobility has supported organisations by improving and managing their business mobility and making this more transparent. This is all at low, flexible costs with no fuss and bother! ROI takes care of everything for you.

The skilled and passionate staff of ROI fleet & mobility work in small, customer-focussed teams. By grouping the various competences together in one team, we are able to offer you, as our customer, the best possible service. All experts of ROI fleet & mobility are here to answer your questions about fleet management and business mobility.
In recent years, our company has transformed from a fleet manager into a mobility manager. Currently, not only do we manage around 10,000 lease cars, but also hundreds of mobility cards, shared cars and electric bikes.


Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our aim is to be the most customer-focussed service provider in fleet management and mobility management.

Our core values are:
  • Commitment
  • Listening
  • Proactive thinking
  • Feedback
  • Delivering on commitments
By systematically applying these core values, we aim to ensure that you and your employees rate our services at an 8 at least! This will enable us to lay the foundation for a protracted and mutually successful relationship.

Are you curious what ROI fleet & mobility could do for your organisation?

About business mobility and fleet management

Business mobility is changing. The 'New Way of Working' (flex-working), congestion, parking problems and environmental pollution all play a significant role in this change. Your employees personal circumstances will also have an impact on the specific means of transport that is chosen. Do your employees travel to a large city for work every day? Do they have children? Which means of transport do they choose for holidays? We also often see that employees - particularly if they are young and live in the city - are not always thrilled about having a lease car.

Companies are looking for new transport solutions in line with current trends and employees' wishes. For some time, the use of lease cars hasn't been enough to keep travelling expenses as low as possible. Within companies there is therefore a growing demand for flexible use of their mobility budgets. For example, the employee is given the opportunity to purchase a smaller car in combination with a (leased) electric bike, or he receives a mobility card which enables him to drive his lease car to a P+R and subsequently travel by train to the office.